Hi! We are Inge (22), Sophia (21) and Roos (24) from the Netherlands. The three of us are studying speech therapy in Utrecht and this internship abroad is the last part before we graduate. Becoming a part of the Health Promoter team is something we really look forward to.

Last week we had our last Skype meeting with George, Elaine, Wien and Harold (the Health Promoter management-team) about the projects we’ll participate in and about some more practical things like who would pick us up from the airport and where we are going to stay. We’re staying in Cape Town the first week and after that we will live in Stellenbosch for the other nine weeks which is very convenient because Harold will be close too so we can work together on important projects for HP. It already feels like there is not going to be enough time for all the great and interesting things that can be done. We’re very curious for the country and the wonderful people we are certainly going to meet.
But there is work to do, because the first of April there is a huge fundraiser with some great singers. We better start practicing for George Arrey’s backing vocals! Too bad Harold won’t be there to show his new dance routine.

Let’s see if we want to go back home in three months.

foto inge roos sophia